Happy Halloween!

With love, from our four sled puppies 🙂

Happy Halloween

All four of our puppies are …spirited, to say the least.  It would be impossible to get them all together for a photograph, unless someone was willing to hold them and get scratched and kicked in the process.  So, drawing them in costume is the only way to go (also I don’t own a Mario, Peach, Fox and Zelda costume).

I tried to draw their personalities into this.  Zelda is pretty wild, bouncing from house to food bowl to brothers and sister (much to brothers and sister’s dismay).  She’s also our smallest puppy.

Fox likes to give lots of hug.  He’ll clamp onto leg, arm, any part of you he can reach and it takes two people to pry his tiny claws out of skin.  He means well though, really.

Peach acts very coy.  She cries when she’s not being held or when sister is getting more attention than she.  She’s very affectionate and playful.

Mario is our intrepid explorer.  He’s not afraid to reach new heights, such as the time he grappled his way up onto his house despite being a mere 3 month old puppy facing a 3.5 feet difference.  We used to place the bowls there while we were getting the food ready.  He can also seem very relaxed, so that’s why I drew him that way.

I’m looking forward to drawing more of the puppies in posts to come.

Happy Halloween!



This is a picture of Zelda, one of the sled puppies, that I’m thinking of incorporating into a comic.  I couldn’t decide between the watercolor brush or the pencil tool, so I just used both.

Zelda is a loveable puppy with a lot of energy.  She’s a little bundle of fluff now, but watch out when she’s on the team, because she can more than keep up with our older dogs.  I’m super excited for her training this winter.

Right now her home is an ice skating rink because it’s been raining instead of snowing 😦  But as soon as we get snow, we’re going for a run!