Moose Everywhere!

Moose at bottom center

So many moose on the trails lately. I am more afraid of moose than I am of bears. Bears at least, sleep during the winter. Moose stay up and sometimes stay on the trails because they’re obviously a lot easier to walk on than ploughing through deep snow. But still, you moosen have long legs for a reason! That’s the thought my hyper-tense, anxious brain yells when I’m on the sled and pleading for a moose to move off the trail.

We’ve found out that the most effective moose-deterrant has been a flare. They’re immediate, eye-catching and non-lethal to all parties involved. We’ve only resorted to their use once and it was immediately effective, which is perfect when you’re trying to stop a team of 10 excited dogs from charging a moose that is much, much, MUCH bigger then they are.

Happy Trails!

Topographical puppy

from sketch to completion

Taking a little break from cartooning to do some illustrations.  My boyfriend and I recently took the dog team out and completed a mush into Gates of the Arctic National Park.  During the trip I was thinking about the land we were running over and how hard the dogs work to cross all the miles.  I wanted to depict that onto the dogs so I thought of topographical lines within a body.  I chose Zelda ’cause she’s the smallest, but she doesn’t ever let size get in her way.  

Noir J Dog

noir jdog 1

I’m really happy with this one.  At this stage of my drawing (the very very beginning), it’s dumb to get frustrated over coloring and style, especially when I’ve had no art background or training, so I’m going black and white.  For a while at least, until I stop yelling at the brushes on my computer 😛

Introducing the Wiseman Kennel cartoon strip! This is the Noir J Dog edition.

My inspiration for dog cartoons come from the Wiseman Kennel, the fun place way up in the middle of the Arctic where I get to hang out with adorable sled dogs all day.  Featured in this strip is J Dog.  In the winter, we sometimes have to put a cape on him, because his fur isn’t as fuzzy as everyone else’s 😦 but this is what I imagine he thinks of when the cape gets put on.

Sled Dog PR

sled dog pr capture

Fortunately our sled dogs don’t tweet on the run…Actually, I think it would be awesome if they did.  It’d probably go something like “I love running! Yay downhill! Super speed! OMG A BUNNY! GET IT! GET IT! #bunnyspeed”

Happy Halloween!

With love, from our four sled puppies 🙂

Happy Halloween

All four of our puppies are …spirited, to say the least.  It would be impossible to get them all together for a photograph, unless someone was willing to hold them and get scratched and kicked in the process.  So, drawing them in costume is the only way to go (also I don’t own a Mario, Peach, Fox and Zelda costume).

I tried to draw their personalities into this.  Zelda is pretty wild, bouncing from house to food bowl to brothers and sister (much to brothers and sister’s dismay).  She’s also our smallest puppy.

Fox likes to give lots of hug.  He’ll clamp onto leg, arm, any part of you he can reach and it takes two people to pry his tiny claws out of skin.  He means well though, really.

Peach acts very coy.  She cries when she’s not being held or when sister is getting more attention than she.  She’s very affectionate and playful.

Mario is our intrepid explorer.  He’s not afraid to reach new heights, such as the time he grappled his way up onto his house despite being a mere 3 month old puppy facing a 3.5 feet difference.  We used to place the bowls there while we were getting the food ready.  He can also seem very relaxed, so that’s why I drew him that way.

I’m looking forward to drawing more of the puppies in posts to come.

Happy Halloween!