Moose Everywhere!

Moose at bottom center

So many moose on the trails lately. I am more afraid of moose than I am of bears. Bears at least, sleep during the winter. Moose stay up and sometimes stay on the trails because they’re obviously a lot easier to walk on than ploughing through deep snow. But still, you moosen have long legs for a reason! That’s the thought my hyper-tense, anxious brain yells when I’m on the sled and pleading for a moose to move off the trail.

We’ve found out that the most effective moose-deterrant has been a flare. They’re immediate, eye-catching and non-lethal to all parties involved. We’ve only resorted to their use once and it was immediately effective, which is perfect when you’re trying to stop a team of 10 excited dogs from charging a moose that is much, much, MUCH bigger then they are.

Happy Trails!

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