Noir J Dog

noir jdog 1

I’m really happy with this one.  At this stage of my drawing (the very very beginning), it’s dumb to get frustrated over coloring and style, especially when I’ve had no art background or training, so I’m going black and white.  For a while at least, until I stop yelling at the brushes on my computer 😛

Introducing the Wiseman Kennel cartoon strip! This is the Noir J Dog edition.

My inspiration for dog cartoons come from the Wiseman Kennel, the fun place way up in the middle of the Arctic where I get to hang out with adorable sled dogs all day.  Featured in this strip is J Dog.  In the winter, we sometimes have to put a cape on him, because his fur isn’t as fuzzy as everyone else’s 😦 but this is what I imagine he thinks of when the cape gets put on.

Projectile Spruce Cones: A Minicomic

My first minicomic!  I completed it in a day so I know it’s a bit rough.  To be honest, I had been playing around with this story idea for a while, so before my brain could put it off anymore, I just dove in.  Feels good to have something completed.  I hope to get better with more practice.

Anyway, the story of me vs. the squirrel:

squirrel page 1

squirrel page 2

squirrel page 3

squirrel page 4

squirrel page 5

Lemming Tumbleweeds

arctic desert.jpg

The idea of lemmings traveling the arctic expanse like tumbleweeds came from a researcher I worked with briefly.  I thought it would be a funny image to draw so here’s my rendition.

Also, I’ve been playing around with brushes.


Dangers of Being a Phalarope


Far in the arctic north, near the Arctic Ocean, you’ll notice a phalarope spinning in a pond.  Then you’ll see another, different phalarope spinning nearby.  And another, then two more, maybe five spinning phalaropes.  Although not yet witnessed, there has got to be one time when the above happened.  I’m sure of it.

These seven to eight-inch feathery tornadoes are awesome.  As they spin, they create an upwelling of water far below them (at least a foot), sending tiny aquatic creatures right into their mouths.  They also look really pretty in their breeding colors.